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Automatic Cardboard Feeding Machine

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Machine model :1600-3000mm Production rate :0-60 / min Maximum height of paper: Paper space-200mm Minimum height of paper: 270mm Cardboard size is adjusted by screw adjustment system. With cardboard adjustment platform, all kinds of cardboard can be delivered steadily and precisely. The seamless conveyor are made from premium rubber with rough surface and long usage life time. It is easy to maintain the conveyor. High economic efficiency. Dual tension control, convenient and reliable With anilox roller, it increases the friction between roller and conveyor to ensure the delivery speed. This machine adopts magnetic clutch brake mechanism. It is equipped with PLC automatic programmable device to achieve high level of automatics. With frequency convertor motor, it adjusts speed steadily. With PLC electromagnetic clutch brake, optical signal synchronized with machine. Electrical components are from well-known international and domestic brands.
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