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Semi-auto Gluing Machine

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This machine can be used for folding and gluing all the kind of paperboard and corrugated cardboard. It is easy to operate. The size of box can be changed within 1 minute. The minimum gluing size is 260mm. It is the ideal machine for carton making manufacture. BZX2800 type Semi-auto gluer consists of main machine body and two small conveyor systems. Main body including, frame, lifter, feeding system, corrector, delivery system, press system, collector, and electric control system. The electric components are all imported from other countries, such as Siemens electric, OMROPN photoelectric switch, Japan TOKY counter, Taiwan Mingwei electric power supply. Gluer head is made from special alloy material which is anti-acid. Main motors, excluding motos for fan and lifter, are Taiwan Chengbond motor.
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