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M Series Program Control Paper Cutter(15inch Colour Monitor)
Knife-seat guiding structure with sliding block type, cam type for adjusting-knife mechanism.
A Series Program Paper Cutter(10 inch Colour Monitor)
Equipped with CIP 3/4 JDF capability, realize the sharing and compatibility of data with printer.
SQZX 78/92G/115G/130G/137G/168G
Digital Display Paper Cutter
16 infrared rays photoelectric protection, main motor overloading protection safety device;
Program Control Paper Cutter
Energy-saving Full Hydraulic Office Cutting Equipment
Cutting System
Perfect choice for large-scale printing and packing enterprises.
Cutting System
circuit design with explosion-proof function, emergency stop, automatic rise and fall, infrared light control sensor function.
Paper Cutting Machine
Computer control part of the power supply adopts the Ming weft (MW) of switch power supply, ensure the stability of the power supply, effectively protect the mete
Three-knife Trimmer
The machine adopts the fully enclosed design, making security more secure, can effectively prevent the paper scraps, reduce maintenance time, extended
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