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CF 560/470-8PY
All in one collation printing numbering and pertorating 4 in 1 offset presst
HUATIAN 4 layers collator developed in 2009 have been sold well for about 5 years at home and abroad
All in one collation printing
This machine consist of four feeders form bottom to top, the paperSheets are transferred through the gap bridage to the printing System,them sheets transferred
CF 620UV
Spot and Overall Coating Machine
Print Master Offset Press
The machine can be operated only one printer which can save you lots of labor force. The printing speed of this machine is up to 25000 sheets/h
11-generation Quarto/sexto Single-color Coding Offset Presses
Perfectiy designed, these printing machines are a new type of functional,economical and practical offset presses for planographic and code printing
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