Sansin International Group participates in Shanghai 2021 China International Corrugated Exhibition
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2021 China International Corrugated Exhibition has been held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 14th to 17th.

The single exhibition area of the 2021 China International Corrugated Exhibition hit a record high. In the exhibition area of nearly 80,000 square meters, there are more than 700 well-known brands at home and abroad, and more than 1,100 high-end and cost-effective equipment and more than 1,000 kinds of consumables are presented. Help corrugated packaging companies understand the focus of the industry: intelligent manufacturing, digital printing, high-efficiency production, downsizing and increasing efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction, and other advanced equipment, mature technology, and forward-looking concepts.

Representatives from various regions of Sansin International Group participated in the China International Corrugated Exhibition under the leadership of Vice President Zhang. During the exhibition, our team met with a number of corporate leaders who cooperated with Sansin. They led our team to be professional The technicians observed and learned the on-site operation of the major equipment. Our team discovered new products and technologies at the exhibition site. Because of the "Beijing Great Printing Exhibition", the live broadcast of the Sanxin team brought very good results. Good response, so at this Shanghai Corrugated Exhibition, we will also share our new equipment and technology with Sansin Group to the interested customers and colleagues in the region through live broadcast.

On July 16, the participating team of Sansin International Group used an online live broadcast to let colleagues and customers who were not able to come to the scene to learn about new equipment and new market trends in a timely manner. There were 17 exhibitors in this live broadcast, and the live broadcast explanations of each exhibitor were very professional and wonderful. During the live broadcast, we had a live answering session. The person in charge of the exhibition and the colleagues who watched our live broadcast also actively had a conversation. The person in charge of the exhibitor also answered very clearly the questions raised by foreign regions! This live broadcast was also carried out in a pleasant way and ended smoothly.
Sansin is also very grateful to the various partners for their strong support and active cooperation in our live broadcast. Their professional and wonderful explanations have brought a very good and intuitive experience to our colleagues and customers in various regions abroad.

At this exhibition, the Sansin team also gained a lot. While signing a number of new orders, it also reserves new expertise. Finally, I hope that the friendship between Sansin International Group and all partners will last forever! Work together to create a better future!



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