SANSIN International Group participated in 2021 South China International Printing 、Label Exhibition and online exhibition
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March 4-6, 2021, the 27th Guangzhou South China International Printing and Labeling Exhibition was grandly held in Pazhou Pavilion of the Canton Fair.  Sansin group international regional representative under the guidance of group ZhangFuZong took part in the south China exhibition, we meet the team members in the field of strategic cooperative enterprise's administrator, analysis of market exchange of views and new equipment and discover new machine inside the exhibition, in a timely manner to sansin regional colleagues to share the latest machine, mutual understanding industry forefront consultation, learning advanced technology industry。 At the South China Expo, Sansin International Group also co-organized an online matchmaking event with the organizer.

The four exhibitions of this exhibition are linked together to upgrade to internationalization, specialization, and high-end with a new look. "Digital, smart, green, and innovation" are the four key words of this exhibition. This exhibition runs through the printing and packaging industry chain and terminal applications, and provides a "one-stop" procurement platform for buyers in the packaging, printing and labeling industries. The exhibition area reached 130,000 square meters and attracted 1,600 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions.

On the afternoon of March 5th, the "South China Printing Standard Exhibition Online Matching Meeting" organized by the co-sponsors of Sansin International Group was successfully held and ended successfully. Sansin International Group has experience in online exhibition activities. In this online matching meeting, the regional leaders of Sansin Group, organizers, exhibitors that Sansin cooperates with and customers from various regions of Sansin cooperated with each other. The person in charge of the region assists exhibitors to communicate with customers, and exhibitors and customers are very active and orderly. Exhibitors and customers who participated in the online matchmaking event gave us unanimous praise!

At this exhibition, the Sansin team has gained a lot and met many familiar partners. They introduced us to the latest products and equipment. The Sansin team carefully studied and shared the latest information with colleagues in various regions in real time. At the same time, the Sansin team has also made some new partners, hoping that we will have more new business opportunities through this exhibition!



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