2020 Zhejiang Export Commodities Online Fair (Indonesia Station) Held Successfully
Time:2020-9-19 Num:2300  (Back)

On the morning of August 31, the 2020 Zhejiang Export Online Trade Fair (Indonesia Station-Printing and Packaging Special) was launched in Wenzhou by way of online development. This event was sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, undertaken by Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition Co., Ltd., and supported by Zhejiang Printing Association, Indonesian Media Association, and Sansin International Group.

Mr. Huang Yongsheng, deputy director of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and Chen Pingxun, vice chairman of Zhejiang Printing Association, attended the opening ceremony and delivered opening speeches, hoping to promote trade exchanges between China and India through this online cloud exhibition and reverse the epidemic The negative situation brought about.

Mr. Ahmed Mujira Nurhani, President of the Indonesian Printed Media Association, also expressed his strong support and heartfelt blessings for this exhibition through online live broadcast.

Exhibitors of this exhibition include all aspects of the entire printing and packaging industry, with rich and diverse exhibits. Enterprises and buyers complete an effective “one-to-one” pairing through the “cloud connection”. It is believed that these high-quality products can meet the needs of buyers, so as to reach cooperation intentions and promote trade exchanges.



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