SANSIN International Group and Wenzhou GuangMing Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. product professional knowledge training exchange meeting
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On July 25, 2020, SanSin International Group (Sanxin Purchasing Center and branches in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam) and Wenzhou Guangming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. conducted training and exchanges on the professional knowledge of laminating machine products through a video conference.

Guangming Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has focused on the manufacturing and research and development of printing laminating machines for 30 years, and is the leader of the internationally renowned laminating machine brand and laminating machine manufacturing industry. SanSin Group is the general agent of Bright in Southeast Asia.

In the training and exchange meeting, Guangming’s sales team not only shared the latest products and technologies with us, but also Guangming’s Mr. Zheng shared with us the development history of the Guangming company and the experience in the construction and management of the sales team. At the sharing meeting, the two regional sales managers of Guangming shared their practical experience to us. Diligence, persistence, erudition, and dedicated service to customers are their magic weapon to win customer trust and handle customer relationships. These sales experience coincides with the philosophy of our SanSin sales team.

Since the first cooperation between Sanxin and Guangming to jointly develop the Southeast Asian market, SanSin and Guangming have worked together through wind and rain, and are not only close partners but also close friends. In addition to Guangming Company, SanSin has many such sincere and sincere partners. The wonderful exchanges and interactions between the SanSin team and them will continue to be presented in the future.



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