SANSIN Group 2017 Annual Meeting
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On the 2017. 1. 13-16, Sansin International Group held the Ninth Group Management Conference in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

This year is the largest number of Sansin group since held annual meeting, which proves our Sansin group is constantly developing and growing. The theme of this year is Innovation, Vitality, Tolerance and Win-win. At this annual meeting, each regions summarize the 2017 year report and the 2018 year sales target and development plan.  In 2017, Thailand team surpassed its sales target, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia team all have good results.

2018 is the development year of sansin international group, our development strategy is to grasp the new times and new opportunities and respond positively to the "One Belt and One Road ", combining with Southeast Asian countries to put forward economic development policies, closely follow the process of ASEAN integration. To promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing technology to DT smart intelligence, make good use of Internet tools, establish a comprehensive network platform for the group, set up a sansin enterprise think-tank, speed up the development of potential markets, adjust the business model, keep a close guard against competitors, seize this golden opportunity to consolidate our market position, and creating the largest Southeast Asia printing and packaging system Service platform with good service. Adhere to the reform and adjustment, clinging to a new era, grasp the new opportunity, face new challenge, and achieve $42.15 million sales target .

Each region signed the 2018 sales target

 The president of Sansin International Group Mr. Qi presented the 2017 Best Award

2017 Best Newcomer Award

The photo of Sansin  purchasing  center  team

 Sansin  Vietnam  team

 Sansin  Thailand  team

 Sansin  Malaysia team

 Sansin  Indonesia team

Purchasing Center sends presents to leaders of each regional ream

Dinner Party

On January 15, 2018, one-day trip to Nha Trang island in Vietnam

2018.1.16, visiting and studying in the Sansin Vietnam company



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