On 9-13th , May 2017, Sansin international group organized Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar customers to attend the 2017 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition.
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On 9-13th , May 2017, Sansin international group organized Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar customers to attend the 2017 9th  Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition. China Print occupied more than 160,000 square meters as its exhibition area, which has more than 1000 companies, 200000 professional visitors, fully showed the best quality products and superb technology. During this period, CHINA PRINT held progressive and abundant events, such as 2017 fourth session Forum-PI, Asia Print Meeting and National Theme Days. CHINA PRINT 2017 showed the future trend of printing industry, and offered opportunities for both visitors and exhibitors to communicate and exchange their views on contemporary printing industry and possible developments for its future.



Asia Pacific Day



International Printing Industry Gala Dinner of China Print 2017 



Forum for the Development of Printing Industry




 Vietnam Team

Thailand Team

Malaysia Team


Indonesia Team

Myanmar Team

On 11th May,Sansin International Group and KDX held Reception Dinner together.

The Chairman of Sansin Group Mr. Qi delivered welcome speech 

 Thailand Printing Association former President send gifts

Myanmar Printing Association president send gift to Mr.Qi


The Chairman of Sansin Group Mr. Qi send Huawei(P9) mobile to the clients who signing at the exhibition





On 12th May, the chairman of Sansin Group Mr. Qi led Sansin team to cooperative partner study new knowledge.







Thailand clients signing

Vietnam clients signing

Indonesia clients signing

Malaysia clients signing

During these 5 days,  we have yielded substantial results, many clients sign on spot. This is important opportunity for us to seek clients and learn new industry technology. At the same time, our clients are satisfied with this exhibition because they access to what information and knowledge they want.










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