Sansin International Group and Myanmar Printers & Publishers Association (MPPA), working together to make new achivements
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The evening of July 15, 2016, in Myanmar , Yangon SEDONA Hotel, Sansin International Holdings Group held a news conferenc。It's  formal cooperation between SANSIN and MPPA (Myanmar Printers & Publishers Association),  marking the Sansin International Group officially entered the Burma market.

The president of MPPA (left) and Sansin Group Chairman Mr.Qi (right)

President of MPPA makes speech.

Secretary of MPPA makes speech.

Sansin Group Chairman Mr.Qi makes speech.

Myanmar news media interview with Sansin International Group Chairman Mr.Qi

MPPA and SANSIN talks about business cooperation.

Sansin international group was invited to attend the exhibition organizers' THANKS dinner.

MPPA invites SANSIN to dinner.



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