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 SANSIN HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD is specialized in supplying all sort of printing equipments, materials and provide solution for all your printing and packaging needs. With more than 10 years experience, we are able to provide the latest technology and development from our China’s Manufacturers for all your solutions before and after print process. Therefore, our company Mission to provide and adhere to the excellent service , best quality products and prompt action in our after sales service. We are able to provide the latest information according to your requirements with the best quality, most suitable model for your process accordingly and the most competitive price that meets your production costing. Our Group consist of 5 independent subsidiary office, a branch and a Supply Management Center with people oriented in mind, in pursuit of excellence with time and seek common development as our core together we build in our customer relationship. Trust, confidence, faith for the purpose and to the best interests of our customers, we believe all three were always our Goals towards the customer satisfaction at all times.



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